Room Assignments

May I see a room before I move in for the fall semester?

Yes, our local undergraduate chapter holds a biannual open house (they call it Parents/Family Day).  These events are usually held in the Fall and Spring semesters during the academic year.  You can also make arrangements with the undergraduate chapter Vice President and schedule a visit to look at the various rooms when the home is open. 

We currently do not offer access to the building during the Summer months.  To arrange a visitation to the chapter home during the Fall and/or Spring semester please email the chapter Vice President at On rare occasions arrangements can be made to visit the chapter home during the summer months.  You must email the Alumni Housing Chairman at to make a request.

When will I receive my room assignment?

It is important to note that room assignments are not usually finalized until late Summer. Most rooms are similar in size.  For a diagram of room locations and dimension please click here.  The undergraduate Vice President will communicate rooming information no later than August 11 (Fall semester) and January 11th (Spring semester if needed).  This will be done via electronic communication (i.e., email, text, group chat etc.) to the residents. 

How can I arrange to live with my preferred roommate and when will I receive my final roommate information?

Usually residents arrange for who they would like to live with for the year and communicate this to the undergraduate Vice President.  The undergraduate Vice President takes into consideration all of these requests and does his best to honor them. It is always best for each resident to carefully pick a compatible roommate and insure the chapter Vice President is made aware of the roommate choice.  It is also a good idea for the roommates to discuss what each plans to bring, so you don’t end up with two of everything when only one may be needed (i.e., televisions, stereos, etc.). 

After consideration of the roommate request the undergraduate chapter Vice President makes preliminary recommendations of rooms and roommate assignments to the PSK Alumni Association Housing Chairman.  The PSK Alumni Association of NIU Board of Director’s reviews the recommendations and makes final changes (if needed) then approves the final list.  Once approved by the PSK Alumni Association the undergraduate Vice President will communicate the final room assignments and roommates as outlined above. 

Can I change roommates after I move in?

Yes, however roommate changes are based on the mutual agreement of each roommate.  When the roommates agree changes usually take place during the winter break although they have occurred earlier.  The PSK Alumni Association of NIU reserves the right to make final determination on any and all rooming matters.  If you have any questions regarding roommate changes please email  

What are the factors involved with determining living in the fraternity home, room assignments, and roommates?

Ranking/initiation order and time in the same room outweigh all other requests.  For example if a member initiated with an initiation number of 1300 he has the preference to pick a room over another member with an initiation number of 1302.  Similarly if a person lived in room #5 and wanted to live in room #5 again the following year that person has the first right of refusal to keep the same room and to pick his roommate even if his initiation number was higher (i.e., initiation number 1305). 

Further, signed full year contracts, GPA’s above 2.30, and good financial history with the PSK Alumni Association are also factors in determining preference. The PSK Alumni Association of NIU reserves the right to make final determination on any and all rooming matters and contract status.  If you have any questions please email  

May I obtain a single room?

As a general rule we do not offer nor encourage single rooms.  Our rooms are based on double occupancy.   When (in extremely rare circumstance) a single room is offered there is an additional charge of 1/3 the total semester RB&D in addition to the normal charge.  In these cases 100% of the total RB&D and single room up charge will be due prior to moving into the fraternity home each semester. 

For example if RB&D is $3000 per semester, a single would be $4000 ($3000 base plus 1/3 additional = $1000 for a total of $4000).  The amount of $4000 would be due in full prior to moving in for both semesters.  The PSK Alumni Association reserves the right to reassign any single room to double occupancy at any time. A credit of any additional paid fees for the single (if applicable) would be given in this scenario.