Meal Plan

Are residents living in the fraternity required to participate in the meal plan & what are the meal plan choices?

The management of the quantity and quality of meals served per week, the hours of the day they are served, and the assignment of duties for the serving or cleanup of each meal will be established by, and is the sole responsibility of, the undergraduate chapter not PSK Alumni. The meal plan and the employment of the cook, or caterer, shall be exclusively funded through the undergraduate chapter budget (a portion of the RB&D).

All details of the meal plan are the purview of the undergraduate chapter and may change from time to time based on the collective decisions of the undergraduate chapter. (Meal Plan Policy: The resident should be aware that it is his responsibility to obtain breakfast, lunch and dinner meals on the day’s meals are not provided as part of the meal plan and it is his responsibility to be present at the specified meal times or to make special arrangements with the cook(s) or Steward(s). There will be no refunds available for meals the member does not partake in.)

Where do residents eat?

The majority of meals are served in the lower level of the fraternity home.  Some meals are served outside when there is a barbeque or special event.  Meals may be served at an offsite location from time to time. Please check with one of the undergraduate chapter officers on the details. 

When are meals served?

Meals are typically served between 11:00 am to 2:00 pm FI lunch is offered and 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm for dinner (if offered).  Residents may also prepare individuals meals of their own during this time.

When will meal service begin?

Meal service typically begins with the first week of classes and ends with the start of finals week each semester.  Meal service may be interrupted during NIU breaks and/or Holiday’s.  Please check with one of the undergraduate chapter officers on the details.  Again, the PSK Alumni Association does is NOT responsible for meal service. This is a function of the undergraduate chapter budget.

Can I change my meal plan?

No, based on the way the meal plan is handled through the undergraduate budget (a portion of RB&D) there is not an “opt out” option available.