The following frequently asked question (FAQ) section was developed by the Phi Sigma Kappa Alumni Association of NIU Board of Directors (hereafter referred to as PSK Alumni). While we work closely with our undergraduate chapter, PSK Alumni is the actual owner of the physical property and thus has final jurisdiction over the management and policies governing the real property and contracts entered into with PSK Alumni.

We maintain our commitment to the PSK Alumni Association general membership and its undergraduate chapter through our mission statement. We believe the amenities, atmosphere and culture created by the PSK Alumni Association of NIU contribute to an overall philosophy to foster the best possible “learning community” for PSK and its members. The chapter home is designed to facilitate the participation in fraternity responsibilities and activities which lend themselves to developing a quality learning environment. The chapter home is therefore a necessary asset in the learning and development of Phi Sigma Kappa members and residents. Along with partnerships including our alumni, the university, and the DeKalb community, we feel the right balance is achieved. In this FAQ we have done our best to address questions you may have regarding living in the fraternity home. We intentionally did not address the day to day operations, leadership and development, community service, and campus involvement opportunities as these are covered in the about us section on the undergraduate website. If you don’t find an answer to a question you may have about living in the fraternity home please email us at FAQ@PSKaaNIU.org and we will do our best to get back to you quickly. Please note that the rules and policies outlined in the Membership Agreement/Housing Lease/Liability Waiver a.k.a. housing contract) supersede any conflicts or contradictions that may arise in the FAQ section(s) that follow.