House Information

Living in the Fraternity House

How large are the rooms?

Room sizes vary per floor and room type.  Click here for a general floor plan of each room

If I want to bring a carpet/flooring, how do I know what size to get?

Please view the floor plan/diagram click here for general dimensions of your specific room. We suggest that you wait until the day you move in to cut your carpet to size. We reserve the right to approve or deny any flooring changes

What is provided in my room?

In the past the PSK Alumni Association allowed for great flexibility when residents moved in.  Many of our former residents have designed and custom built their rooms.  We have begun to move away from that practice. Currently we are transitioning to more standard looks in each rooms. This process will take many years to complete. Therefore some rooms will have different features and overall looks. We do provide electrical outlets, wireless internet access, and baseboard heaters and controls.  Almost every room has bed frames & closet space.  We suggest you bring a desk, chair, draperies/blinds (white or off white ONLY, mattress, refrigerator/freezer, sheets, pillows, pillow cases, a mattress pad, blankets, bedspread, towels, small vacuum, printer paper, wastebasket, and other personal and hygiene items.  Bed frames are generally custom built and rely on what the previous tenant built.  In “general” most bed frames were built with a full / standard NOT twin or queen.  This is not a guarantee.  For an exact bed frame size please contact the chapter president or vice president and request that they measure the bed frame of the room(s) you are interested in.  As noted some previous residents overhauled the rooms to fit their particular taste so this could have changed from year to year. 

When may I move into the fraternity home and my room?

The PSK Alumni Association notifies individuals about the future move-in dates each year via email, text, and/or website. These “notifications” of future move in dates are typically communicated around August 10th for the Fall semester and January 10th for the Spring semester (occasionally sooner), if needed. It’s important to note that these dates are for notification purposes only and do not represent the actual opening dates of the house. The official opening date of the house should be announced no later than these aforementioned “notification” dates.

However, please note the official move-in dates should always occur/be scheduled no later than one day before the start of classes at NIU, and specifically at 1:00 pm. We try our best and usually do accommodate earlier move in dates other than the day before classes start. All dates (notification/posting/opening) are estimated and subject to change due to any unforeseen circumstances.

To be allowed to move in, everyone must schedule an appointment. In most cases, a calendar appointment link is provided to facilitate the move-in process. The official move-in date is communicated electronically and/or posted on the website. For more information on how payments affect move-in dates, please refer to the “FAQ Payments & Billing” section on the PSK Alumni Association’s website

Will my payment affect when I can move into the fraternity home?

See FAQ Payments & Billing link for how payments affect when people can move in.

What are move in days like?

Move in days are very busy.  The PSK Alumni Association allows residents decorate their rooms to suit their individual tastes.  As a result residents place objects and furniture into many of the common areas of the home during move in days. Rooms MAY NOT be painted beyond the current color scheme.  

Even though the environment may potentially look messy/chaotic each and every night during the move in days the common areas are cleaned (free of objects) and the undergraduate risk management chairmen perform safety checks.  The process to set up rooms is usually completed within 72 hours and the building is restored to a more habitable state typical of daily living by the time classes begin at NIU.  Questions please contact the Chapter President and Vice President.

How do I get my room key?

We currently provide each resident with both access to the exterior of the building (exterior key and/or keyless access card) and access to their individual room (unique room door key).  All locks are re-keyed every year so keys are never reused from year to year.  A representative of the alumni association, the undergraduate chapter President, Vice President, and/or Treasurer are responsible for the distribution of keys and keyless access cards.  As soon as you arrive at the home to move in please see one of the aforementioned people to receive your new keys/access card. 

Do I need to inspect my room?

Yes, each individual resident is required to immediately inspect their room as soon as they receive their room key.  In rooms where there are two roommates BOTH roommates must do individual inspections.  This helps ensure nothing is missed.  ALL residents are required to fill out a form within 1 hour of receiving their room key and note any issues or concerns.  All residents are also required to return all keys, keyless access cards, and inspect their rooms when they move out as well. Timely submission of the forms is critical to ensure you are not held responsible for some of the damages.

What color is my room?

Rooms are basic in color and CAN NOT be altered. Please contact us if you have any questions

What kind of Internet access will I have?

We provide a secure computer lab located on the main floor with 6 computers directly connected to the internet (with standard software used in the classroom and business environment) and 3 direct plug in stations.  Wireless internet access may be provided throughout the building via the undergraduate budget. 

Do I need to bring or rent a refrigerator?

No, however if you desire to have one each resident must provide their own refrigerator. We encourage each roommate to discuss this matter as space is limited.  They need to ensure there will be enough room for all the items they plan to bring, including the refrigerator(s).  We ask that ALL refrigerators have a manufacture date after 2004 if larger than 8 cubic feet.  Do not bring any “old” refrigerator  (manufactured  prior to 2004) as you will have to pay the cost to have them removed.

Can I have an air conditioner or space heater?

As per DeKalb Fire Code, ONLY floor standing air conditioners may be installed in single window bedrooms.  As per DeKalb Fire Code, no space heaters are allowed within rooms.   You may not bring any window air conditioning units on the property or place in any window. Space heaters of any kind are NOT allowed in sleeping rooms.

Do you provide phone service in the rooms?

No, we do not provide phone service in the rooms.  Most residents choose to use their personal mobile phone.

Can I bring standard light bulbs to light my room?

No, we ONLY allow LED energy efficient light bulbs in sleeping rooms.  We are doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint and this is a key area we are focusing on.  We are being diligent in our efforts to become more eco friendly.  If any light fixtures are installed or lamps used that do not accept LED bulbs the fixture or lamp will be removed and all associated costs/fines passed on to the occupants of the room.

Can I bring my bicycle?

Yes, however we ask that you observe specific rules for storing and securing your bicycle on the property.  Please email if you have any additional questions

Can I bring a television?

Television in resident’s rooms is permitted by mutual agreement of roommates. No cable/satellite television service is provided in the sleeping rooms. Additional television services (streaming/cable) may be provided in some common areas but is done on a semester to semester basis based on the undergraduate chapter financial situation. 

Can I bring my pet to the fraternity home?

No, no pets of any kind are allowed on or in the property.  Please email if you have any additional questions 

Is there anything I can’t have within my individual room?

Yes, torch-style lamps, extension cords, Portable/Foreman style grills, coffee makers (except Keurig), hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens, halogen /non LED lamps, candles, fireworks, and firearms (this includes paintball, airsoft, or any kind of gun, etc.) are NOT ALLOWED.  In addition, no flammable items may be hung from/on ceilings (posters, afghans, sheets, paper, etc.) and all electrical/lighting may only be hung from walls with approved approved fastners (no staples, nails, etc.)  Click here for details on the City of DeKalb rooming house code rules.

Am I required to live in the fraternity home my freshman year?

No, NIU requires that all single residents classified as freshmen (under 30 hours of college credit) who will not have reached their 21st birthday by September 1 (February 1  for Spring admissions), and are not residing with their parents or legal guardians, must live in University resident halls as long as space is available.

Am I required to live in the fraternity home every year after my freshman year?

Yes, membership in Phi Sigma Kappa stipulates that every member is required to 1) sign a housing contract every year, and 2) live in the fraternity home each and every year until the home is full (usually 51 live in residents).  Members may request to live outside of the fraternity home once it is deemed full by the PSK Alumni Association of NIU ONLY

Assuming the home is full (usually 51 approved contracts) every member not living in the fraternity home must sign an Out of House Membership and Prospective Member Agreement/Liability Agreement (a.k.a. Out of House Contract).  Members with higher seniority have the first right of refusal to request out.  Therefore, newer members have a greater probability of being required to live in the fraternity vs. an older member assuming the organization has more than 51 total members. 

Does the fraternity have quiet hours / floors?

Although the fraternity does not have regimented quiet hours or designated quiet floors we do have a quiet study room in the lower level and a computer lab on the main level.  Also, we have installed a new “scholarship” section on our second floor.  The newly remodeled area is sectioned off and has been designed for our better academic performing students. This section has a secure entrance to reduce access and noise.  In the future this area will feature its own private bathroom.  We always stress and encourage an environment that fosters academic success. 

What does the fraternity do to encourage academic success of their residents?

Each year the PSK Alumni Association carefully reviews all housing contracts and does its best to only select those that exceed the minimum GPA requirement.  Further, we annually set aside over $10,000 for scholarships to our in home residents.  We have a basement study room and main floor computer lab (which also has additional study space) to suit current learning needs.   

All members who do not meet a minimum semester or cumulative GPA above a 2.75 are required to attend mandatory and monitored library study table hours per week.  Penalties are levied on residents that choose to neglect their academic responsibilities (if they are required to attend study tables) by the undergraduate Scholarship Chairman.  In addition the undergraduate Scholarship Chairman coordinates tutoring for the residents through various NIU academic departments.   Finally, this past year we saw a 30% increase in our in home residents that achieved a GPA above a 3.0.  We continually monitor the academic success of all our members but especially those that reside in the fraternity home.  Click here to check out our scholarship programs.

How do I reach the PSK Alumni Association of NIU?

General Contact Information
PO Box 118 (Correspondence only NO payments)
DeKalb, IL 60115
Phone: (815) 977-7560 ext. 10
Fax: (815) 977-7563
Email: (FAQ questions)